Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TPO September 15, 2009

Earlier today the Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) of Hampton Roads met, it's first meeting in two months. (They took August off.)

There was the Presentation of a report on Non-Driver Opportunities, which looked at the matching of work, shopping, and rental housing. Virginia Beach scored surprisingly high given what little mass transit it has. Of course, Norfolk and Portsmouth did very well.

The TPO discussed new categories and criteria for the prioritization of Transportation projects. The matter passed after an attempt by Newport News Mayor Joe Frank to inject geographical diversity failed. Both Newport News and Williamsburg voted "No" on the unamended measure, but Hampton voted "Yes".

Doug Smith of Portsmouth, Chairman of the TPO's Nominating Committee, was charged with coming up with candidates for the pending Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). TAC will be a group of citizens to advise the TPO.

Joel Rubin presented a five minute video prepared by his firm on the July 2 meltdown of our harbor crossings, featuring the flooding of the westbound tube of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. It will be sent to local government television stations for airing, and it is planned to be put on the TPO's website.

There has been formed a Virginia Association of MPOs. The TPO discussed being involved and what that would require.

The meeting ended with the issue of Higher Speed Rail (HSR) coming up. First, the TPO wants to underline with Federal officials the importance of Hampton Roads being included. Second, the TPO will hold a special session on the subject once the groundwork can be laid.


thesh00ter said...

kinda off subject but what do you think VB is gonna do concerning the lack of bus service? i take it they know that it is required that they improve it before they get qualified to build a light rail? what's ur prediction? lol

Avenging Archangel said...


The City has painted themselves into a corner where they virtually have to boost service in FY 2011.

thesh00ter said...

nothing we have keep our fingers crossed about is it?