Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Community On The 23

One of my axioms is that there is no stronger bond of community in Hampton Roads than on a Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) bus. With the day off today, I followed a regular template: bus into Norfolk, daily Mass at St. Mary's Basilica, lunch, a matinee at MacArthur Center, then back home by bus. This morning I made the leg from Military Circle to Cedar Grove on Route 23. It was case in point:

1. A lady was having trouble trying to get Social Security disability. It turned out that 3 of us were receiving Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), so she got plenty of firsthand advice, stories, etc.

2. A newbie rider didn't know how to get from Cedar Grove into downtown Norfolk. A lady told him: Route 310 (Downtown Shuttle). Since I was taking the 310 downtown, I told him to follow me. Got him on the bus, stop directions, and times for buses home.

Today's movie was I Can Do Bad All By Myself, the best movie by far that I've seen in 2009. First, the funniest scene was where Madea was trying to tell an unchurched 16 year old girl the story of Peter walking out onto the water to Jesus. (She butchered it badly, having Noah sail up in the arch of St. Louis, and even threw Jaws in.) Second, this movie - like many - has outtakes during the closing credits. As great as this movie was, most aren't as good, but stay since they saved the best for last.

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