Wednesday, September 16, 2009

63% Support Obamacare

Yes, I'm stunned. 63% of poll voters supported President Obama's health care initiative, while 36% are opposed.

Me? Having been on Medicare for 15 years, I know very well first-hand that the Federal government can't start to run a health care program correctly.

The new poll question is from the previous story: are Virginia Beach's land uses in recent history sustainable in the long term? The City and land planning professionals believe "No", and the City began to move away from them with the current Comprehensive Plan (adopted in December, 2003). With a new draft Comp Plan due out soon, we'll probably see a further move away from them.

However, some argue that people moved here to live in a suburb, not an area with urban pockets. I've even heard a couple community activists speak of a "maximum population", implying that they want to cap growth at some point.

Then there's the extreme fringe, personified by VBTA Vice Chairman/Transportation Chairman Reid Greenmun. He's claimed that Karl Marx was the father of modern urban planning, inferring that "urban = Marxist".

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