Thursday, July 23, 2009

Light Rail Construction Bus Tour

It had been talked about on a few different websites. Today Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) held a bus tour of the light rail line under construction in Norfolk. 32 people boarded Bus 3033 out of the MAX fleet. It was a mix of TDCHR Commissioners, senior HRT Staff, media, and a few civilians. (FYI, there were 3-4 vacant seats if anyone else had wanted to go.)

The bus first went to the eastern terminus of the line at Newtown Road. (With Virginia Beach across the street, jokes flew about expansion eastward.) We then worked our way westward to the western terminus, taking in as much as the roads would allow an 18 ton bus to do. Fun fact of the day: the rails came in 90 foot pieces, with ten each being welded into 900 foot sections so you won't get the old-fashioned "clickity-clack" riding the train.

Favorite joke of the day: at Newtown Road a flock of geese were on the lot that will become the park-and-ride. That led Senior Vice President of Development Jayne Whitney to quip, "We'll relocate the geese."

Among the media on the bus was a camera crew from WAVY-TV and Debbie Messina of The Virginian-Pravda.

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