Thursday, July 9, 2009

64% Want To Raise The Gas Tax

With new road construction money virtually dried up in Virginia, 64% of poll voters supported raising the Gas Tax to boost Transportation. 36% were opposed.

The new poll question: should Virginia Beach implement mandatory Inclusionary Zoning? Empower Hampton Roads has lobbied for it, while Mayor Will Sessoms talked about it on the campaign trail. The Beach does have a voluntary density credit program in it's Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs), but that so far has resulted in zero units being built.

It's telling that while the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) repeatedly goes on about what the Mayor said during the campaign about a light rail referendum, they conveniently omit what he promised on mandatory IZ and running mass transit buses on outlying routes after 7 P.M. The VBTA suffers from very selective indignation.

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Ron said...

it is a great idea, which is why it will be opposed. Bbetter to spread out low income housing to prevent crime and gang activity, but most suburbanites tend to exclude lower income housing as lepers rather than accepting them.