Saturday, June 20, 2009

Watch This Domain

Yesterday Jeffrey McWaters sent out a letter to recruit volunteers for the statewide Republican ticket. McWaters not only is a member of Bob McDonnell's State Finance Committee, but is looking at running for the 8th District Senate seat should Ken Stolle be elected Sheriff.

Intriguingly enough, the stationary is marked "Paid for and Authorized by McWaters for Senate." In addition, it lists McWaters website address Given his ambitions, you'll probably want to bookmark it.


Anonymous said...

:Authorized by McWaters for Senate?"

Since there is no open senate seat, I guess Jeff is going to challenge Stolle? Otherwise, how could he have set up a campaign for a seat that is currently held by a Republican senator?

Please, this guy has more baggage than a 747!

Anonymous said...

From the "Stop Terry McWarner: Say No to Jeff McWaters" FaceBook Page:

-is a Liberal RINO Republican

-gave money to Democrat Governor's Tim Kaine and Mark Warner

-supported Mark Warner for Senate

-gave money to the liberal Democrat Mayor of DC

-supported Democrat Senator Bob Kerry

-supported the current VA Democrat Nominee for Lt. Governor, Jody Wagner

This page has 57 supporters, while McWaters' main page has 116 supporters. His challeneger Rosemary Wilson has 249 supporters.

Not a scientific poll by any means, but still kinda interesting.