Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Economic Indicator? 4th Edition

The reason I was in Newport News this morning was to go to the Peninsula Institute for Community Health (PICH) Dental Clinic. I finally got the last of the work done fixing my teeth. (Thank you, PICH!)

PICH also runs a pediatrics clinic in the same building. (Their Administration offices are on the 2nd Floor.) I've never seen more than 10-12 waiting in the lobby at one time before, but we had 22 today.

For my fellow Virginia Beach residents, two things on PICH. First, they now have a low-cost health care clinic at the Beach. Second, PICH is the one place for a Beach resident to go for low-cost dental care in Hampton Roads. (They also have a dental office in Suffolk.) Their website is at http://www.pich.org

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