Friday, June 12, 2009

2009 ISOP Student Orientation

On Thursday afternoon , there was the first of three orientation programs for international students working in the Resort Area for the Summer. It was cosponsored by the Virginia Beach Hotel/Motel Association (VBHMA), the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association (VBRA), and the Resort Retailers Association (RRA). The meeting was held at Virginia Beach Baptist.

After poor turnouts when this was tried in 2008, over 40 students attended yesterday's session. There were Presentations on safety (by VBPD), bank accounts (by Bank of America), Internet access, two on English classes, where they can purchase bikes, housing, Visitors Information resources, bus riding (by me), then general questions from the students.

A great turnout. I was warmed when I noticed two girls taking notes during my talk on buses. If you're a student or know one, meetings will be held the next two Thursdays (June 18 and 25) at 3 P.M. at Virginia Beach Baptist.

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