Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Temporary Bus Stop Is...Where?!?

With light rail construction having begun in downtown Norfolk, the buses downtown are having to detour. Instead of making the right onto City Hall Avenue in making the downtown loop, buses are heading up Boush Street to Brambleton, then making a right onto Brambleton. That eliminates the MacArthur Center stop.

The City of Norfolk placed only one temporary bus stop on Boush Street. Here's the kicker: it's at Union Mission. Does that speak volumes about what City of Norfolk senior Staff think of bus riders or what?!?

First the ongoing Cedar Grove soap opera, then the abortive attempt to shovel bus riders onto Salter Street, and now this. Will the Norfolk City Council deal with their bus rider-hating Staff?

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Michael Ragsdale said...

Norfolk, if you're reading this, the stop should be moved to Bush St & College Place. Easier access to TCC, easier access to MacArthur.