Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Revenue Idea For Hampton Roads Transit

Going to the December Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) meeting in Hampton, my bus on Route 103 was driven by the best looking Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) Operator I have ever seen. (In HRT jargon, a bus driver is an "Operator".) Taking two MAX buses yesterday out of Victoria Boulevard (i.e. Peninsula garage), I drew a couple Operators that could give her a run for her money. Recently a Southside bus regular commented to me on the plethora of attractive female Operators on the Peninsula.

I have an idea: a The Operators of Victoria Boulevard calendar. First, it's a revenue idea for a cash-strapped agency. Second, a myriad of men who don't use mass transit would start taking the bus just to see for themselves.

Nah, it makes too much sense for a government agency to ever do it....


Michael Ragsdale said...

You're forgetting 18th Street and Trolley Base ;-)

Avenging Archangel said...

I've only seen a few good ones out of 18th Street (i.e. Southside Garage), while a trolley driver has never made me look twice.

Between them you couldn't find a dozen to do a calendar,