Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ravens 13, Titans 10

Yeah, we're just one win away from another Super Bowl. Next victim will be Pittsburgh or San Diego.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Ravens. They have had an excellent year.

This year the only two good things that happened to the team I am a fan of:

(1) The Detroit Lions lost every game so the media is not focused on the horrible 2 win record of the St. Louis Rams.

(2) The two teams the Rams defeated were the Redskins and the Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

sorry, the Ravens are the underdogs going against the Steelers next week.

Avenging Archangel said...

Yeah, but we have The Law Of Averages on our side: lose to the same team three times in one season?

Given that history, yes, I was rooting for San Diego.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers-Ravens game should be a very good match up. It is hard to call that game. When we consider what happened with the Panthers this weekend we can appreciate how just one or two key players having a bad day can end a season for a strong team. Should either Roethlisberger or Flacco have an off day and the other quarterback gain their rhythm, the outcome of the game can shift to the team not making mistakes.

H/T to Brian Kirwin's Eagles for advancing to play the Cardinals next week.

Should the Ravens prevail next week we will have an all-bird Super bowl.

Ravens vs. Eagles or Ravens vs. Cardinals.

Both teams, Ravens and Steelers, have great defenses. However, the Chargers really did not pressure Roethlisberger yesterday. I expect he will not enjoy such comfortable pass protection when he faces the Ravens. When "Big Ben" is hurried, he has a history of making mistakes.

Avenging Archangel said...

Last season the Ravens were 5-11, even losing to 1-15 Miami. That got the Coach fired.

Given that, no one expected Baltimore to be in the AFC Championship Game this season. Let Pittsburgh feel the pressure.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers topped the Baltimore Ravens 23-14 last night....