Tuesday, May 27, 2008

John Moss Officially Announces For Mayor

Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Chairman John Moss kicked off his Mayoral Campaign on Saturday. His announcement was covered by (surprise, surprise) Virginia News Source http://www.virginianewssource.com/VNS/moss4mayor.html

What struck me was the next to last line in Moss' remarks, "When the wave settles let no incumbent, except Reba McClanan, remain in office." In short, the VBTA declared war on everyone, even Bob Dyer. Are they that friggin' daft?!? The more I listen to the VBTA, the more I come to believe the primary objective of the VBTA leadership is keeping the gig going, rather than real change to city policy. If it was the latter, that statement is radically counterproductive. Such rhetoric only serves to keep the anger of the cultists boiling, while making it impossible to work constructively with City Council.

Okay, the comments section is below. Have at it! Just please refrain from use of profanity.


Michael Ragsdale said...

Where to begin? Obviously, I'm not voting VBTA for Mayor (which is what would happen if (highly unlikely) Moss were elected).

* Considering the very rude attack either one of their own or a supporter of their policies did to me (I'm leaning on "supporter of" but I have no proof either way)...

* Moss's illegal signs (usually bumper stickers) on streetlights and whatnot.

* VBTA, as described perfectly by Peter Stinson, "they want no taxes but all the services" (src) failed at elections miserably time and time again.

* Their transportation chairman, Reid Greenmun, never knew it's impossible to get around Virginia Beach after 7 PM or at all on Sundays unless you stick to the Blvd (and he's supposed to be their transportation expert?)

* I'm sure I missed some pointers

Anonymous said...

Moss & Co. know they have less than a snowball's chance in hell of being elected. You are probably right...they are keeping the VBTA alive by running in every election.

That they would turn on Dyer is to be expected...he violated Maximum Leader Dean's wishes and that was that.

At least they still have DeSteph as their lapdog...until he ticks them off.

Anonymous said...

John Moss will make an excellent mayor. certainly better than the other choices on the ballot.

BTW a whole lot of folks have no trouble getting around Virginia Beach after 7 PM or on Sundays.

Of course, they don't depend soley on riding HRT buses or Paratransit vans for their transportation.


Anonymous said...

For a bunch of current and retired federal bureaucrats, Moss and the VBTA sure can't count very well. They are splitting the votes and ensuring that their mortal enemy Meyera wins yet again.

Moss and the VBTA are supported by the same small group that will have no influence on this election.

Moss will of course get his talking points from the other political pros at the VBTA (Krause, Erb, & Dean) and I am sure he will garner a whopping 5% of the vote.

How many times will these guys run until they figure out that they are wasting their time and providing comic relief for the Pilot editors?

Avenging Archangel said...

So the VBTA Transportation Chairman (Reid) blurts it out: the VBTA doesn't give a rat's arse about those who use mass transit.

Any campaign facing a VBTA challenge should work the bus transfer centers.

Michael Ragsdale said...

Which I would be more than happy to help anyone who is pro-transit facing a VBTA challenge.

Any campaign who truly cares about transportation would do well to go to any transfer point (primary TCC and Shore Dr & Pleasure House since there's NO service after 6:45 PM or at all on Sundays) and lobby for votes.

Reid: I take pride in not having to pay almost $4 / gallon for gas. Although my folks can afford a car, gas, maintenance, and insurance for me, I take the bus by choice. I do not like to drive. My fictional book, Rachel's Story, has several parts written while I was riding the bus (and includes several scenes where the characters are riding the bus).

Avenging Archangel said...

You don't need to do a glossy for the bus riders. You could do a good three-fold with a color laserjet. At TCC, every rider has to get off the bus...and walk right by your lit person. Then who they talk to, and who they talk to....

A campaign would be smart to take up Michael's offer: he lives within walking distance of the TCC TC.

Then, by prime time on June 10 we'll have the dance card.