Friday, May 23, 2008

I Told You So

Yesterday I had lunch with a Democrat who has access to their party's demographic estimates. They put Virginia Beach at about 39% minority overall, 24% African-American.

During the 2001 Virginia Beach City Redistricting Charade, many of us pointed to the Census figures and tried to tell the City Council that it was a whole new ballgame in Virginia Beach. The 2000 Census saw Virginia Beach jump from 21.20% minority to 30.54% minority, with about 20% African-American. Demographers were estimating that Virginia Beach would be 35-40% minority by the 2010 Census.

I got a great laugh out of the DPVA estimates. City Council, I told you so!

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Anonymous said...

Before you get too excited, don't forget to subtract out all of the part of the population who are Navy and Marine personnel who have retained their home state for tax and voting purposes. This is probably a third of the VB population when you count dependent wives and voting age relatives.

If Virginia eliminated the income tax, then the political ballgame would really change since more military personnel would retire here and active duty personnel would claim Virginia as their state of record and would vote here.