Thursday, May 15, 2008

Henry Ryto Named New UCAC Chairman

"The last shall be first". The last item of business at today's meeting of the TDCHR, the Commission that governs Hampton Roads Transit (HRT), was to name Henry Ryto new Chairman of HRT's User Citizen Advisory Committee (UCAC) and Lee Westergard Vice Chairman. Julian Scott, who had been UCAC Chairman for over six years, had been under fire for his behavior in office. HRT Staff had the change made. With Virginia Beach at a threshold on mass transit policy, it gains the UCAC Chairmanship.

The story that will probably lead in The Virginian-Pravda tomorrow is that a $42 million contract was granted for constructing light rail's track from Harbor Park to Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). It's not without controversy: the low bid was disqualified, and the contract awarded to the same company that's doing Harbor Park to Newtown Road. The low bidder has filed suit in Circuit Court in Norfolk.

With gas prices escalating, bus ridership was only up 3.3% in April. However, HRT's worktrip buses have seen ridership jump 20% in 2008.

For those critics who think HRT can't manage money, Operations for the fiscal year are $3.1 million under budget.

Statistic of the Day: Hampton Roads cities spend $8 per capita on mass transit, while those in Northern Virginia spend over $100 per capita. While no sane person here is asking for $100, the disparity is canyon-sized.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Henry!

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Congratulations Henry!