Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oberndorf Wins In A Landslide

Meyera would love to see that headline in November. In our latest poll. Mayor Oberndorf got 84% of the vote. John Moss had 10%, while Will Sessoms and Don Weeks mustered 3% each.

I was surprised by the rout as much as anyone else. What happens in November? I myself have had a hand in an effort to recruit a fifth candidate for the Mayoral field. We'll all find out what the final field looks like in June.

The new poll is on current transit options for Virginia Beach:

1. Boost by 20%.

Enhancing what most believe to be substandard service. It would also make us eligible to begin light rail talks with the FTA.

2. Cut mainline for residents by 24%.

The position taken by City Staff in a January 9 meeting with HRT.

3. Maintain the current level.

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