Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Case Of Two Sets Of Rules In Virginia Beach

For over a week now, signs have been in the median advertising the new Panera Bread at Virginia Beach Boulevard and Constitution Drive. They're in the Virginia Beach Boulevard median just west of the intersection.

Of course, posting signs in a road median is a violation of Virginia Beach city Ordinances (at least two). I myself have seen police remove similar signs elsewhere on Virginia Beach Boulevard. If they were pushing anti-City Hall political activity, City Manager Jim Spore would be out there with his white Corvette clobbering them himself. Yet nothing is done.

Then, we shouldn't expect this city government to hold a Central Business District business to the same standards it would try to hold everyone else to.


Michael Ragsdale said...

Of course we shouldn't. We don't need a pedestrian bridge over the Blvd from Town Center to Pembroke (it's called crosswalks people), as an example of pet project waste that wouldn't happen outside of Pembroke or the Ocean Front

Michael Ragsdale said...
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Michael Ragsdale said...

And for the cry-babies who don't (as opposed to can't) want to cross the Blvd, take the 36 or 61! Because of your idiot city council, this is impossible after 6:10 PM.