Friday, October 26, 2007

"There You Go Again"

To quote Ronald Reagan. On Tuesday the Virginia Beach City Council by consensus decided to commission Master Plans for three Strategic Growth Areas (SGA) per year. They've already funded the Resort Area Master Plan for this fiscal year. The other two: Pembroke/Town Center (no surprise) and...Northampton Boulevard/Burton Station.

Burton Station. Where the city used Jim Crow tactics to try to force African-American familes off their land. Where the city tried to get a Redevelopment Authority to bulldoze the same families' homes. It speaks volumes that the city has the nerve to try again.

It becomes all the more appalling when you realize the city could get more bang for the buck by moving along the Norfolk Southern Corridor, preparing the SGAs there for light rail.

Sometimes the Virginia Beach City Council makes me want to barf!

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