Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Nanny State Strikes

Tonight the Virginia Beach City Council is set to vote on a smoking ban in all restaurants. Two problems with such a proposal:

1. It smacks of the nanny state trying to regulate personal behavior.

2. Virginia law doesn't make a distinction between restaurants and bars.

I'd much rather someone at a bar slow up to have a cigarette than continue to chug down drinks.

Update: City Council passed the ban 7-3. Kudos to Bill DeSteph, Reba McClanan, and Harry Diezel for voting "No".

1 comment:

Archie said...

This area is crumbling into a "take care of me" region. We will end up with no rights and no decision-making abilities.

Why not let the restaurant owners decide if they want to allow smoking or not? Why must government get involved in this issue?