Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shakeup At The Resort Advisory Commission?

It's nearly that time of year again: the annual appointments - and reappointments - to the Resort Advisory Commission (RAC). This year's round looks to be very interesting:

1. Three Commissioners will term limit out on December 31.

2. Six Commissioners are in violation of the RAC Charter's attendance requirements (i.e. you can miss a maximum three meetings annually).

Together there is the potential for a major turnover in personnel. The most intriguing question is how are the delinquent Commissioners dealt with. Removed? Asked to resign? The entire mess swept under the rug? Attendance at the RAC has become huge: the August meeting failed to muster quorom, while October made quorom with two late arrivals.

Then there is always the question of minority representation:

1. Currently there are three minority Commissioners.

2. There is only one African-American Commissioner.

Does City Council make a minority appointment or two to try to balance the numbers? Two years ago Council dealt with female underrepresentation. In a city that's nearly one-third minority and about 20% African-American, we have a RAC that's 15% minority and 5% African-American.

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