Wednesday, May 25, 2011

They're Coming To Take Them Away

64% agreed that Napoleon XIV's They're Coming To Take Me Away should be the theme song of the extremist Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA). 35% chose Red Rider's Lunatic Fringe, while no one voted for Steve Miller's Lost In Space.

The new poll question: does the Virginia Beach city government care about the average resident?


Avenging Archangel said...

I had the previous poll close last night knowing the Rosemont SGA Plan final draft rollout was scheduled. I hoped to get a question out of it.

Of course, the meeting was cancelled due to yesterday's storm. Therefore, I had to improvise.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be proven wrong with my Not At All Vote.

Prove it by allowing be to work an evening shift at Corporate Landing, any day of the week, because 6:15 PM just ain't cutting in!!