Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rolling About April 30, 2011

With yesterday off, I spent Saturday rolling about. Five buses, and quite a bit of walking.

1. I've heard strategic planning meetings compared to watching paint dry. Full government reports can be boring, if you're not interested in the issue.

However, I discovered a new definition for painful: watching open tryouts for a professional football team. I went to Dick Price Stadium to observe the Virginia Destroyers open tryouts. After 80 minutes of watching slow guys trying to run 40 yard dashes, I was heading for Route 9.

2. Finally got to The Jewish Mother Backstage. Good food, and their second floor dining room had a great view of the parade passing on Granby Street.

What struck me was the small size of our local high school marching bands. My high school had only about 440 students, but our marching band was larger than the Booker T. Washington and Maury bands combined.

3. Having taken care of a major hunger problem, I then walked over to MacArthur Square for Light Rail Safety Days. I took the tours myself. A few fellow bus riders/transit advocates showed up.

After hearing the officials butcher a couple answers to questions, I started the "Ask The Experts" table. There was a vacant literature table where a quartet of bus riders (including myself) set up shop to give definitive answers to questions, especially the feeder bus system. We figured between the four of us, we could answer any HRT bus service question.

[For my TDCHR thread commenter, there you have it.]

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