Thursday, December 16, 2010

TPO December 15, 2010

The Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) met on Wednesday. In a much-anticipated move, the TPO approved the transportation project prioritization report. Please note, flat Earthers: the Virginia Beach Fixed Guideway Project is ranked 4th overall among all projects throughout the region.

This is what happens when you miss a meeting: absent Paul Fraim was named to the High-Speed Rail and Intercity Passenger Rail Task Force.

Delegate Glenn Oder attacked the recent "Ring of Fire" graphic, claiming tolls wouldn't be set as high as depicted. Also, Phillip Shucet called it a "ridiculous waste of resources."

A briefing was given on value pricing of tolls. The practice, also known as congestion pricing, will probably be part of any transportation tolling.

A second presentation on the transportation focus groups, held in part by Christopher Newport University, was given. A series of recommendations was made, including a follow-on public series on transportation.

The TPO now has it's own Facebook page. (I was the 5th person to Like it.)

The TPO will next meet on Thursday, January 20. The TPO will have a Retreat in February.


thesh00ter said...

I'm sure Fraim will be very supportive.

Jessica Clark said...

No blog entry on your recent Snowpocalypse (or did you not brave a bus ride?)

Avenging Archangel said...


The snow wasn't that bad. I didn't go through enough to get a blog post out of it.

Thursday morning I was on my way to Walmart, trying to get in a grocery run before it got too bad, when it started coming down. No impact on my trip there, but it hit me on the way home. Then, no different than other snows here. With HRT snow operations, the bus gets there when it gets there.

Jessica Clark said...

If HRT doesn't have a foul weather policy (last I remember, Norfolk is prone to flooding, so not just snow), it should.

May I suggest:


Also, head to and search "Snowpocalypse"

Avenging Archangel said...


I've raised that issue with HRT before. They were starting to go there last Winter when the second round of LRT overruns became public.

Yes, they need one.