Friday, December 10, 2010

RAC December 9, 2010

Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) held a short meeting Thursday afternoon, lasting only about 40 minutes.

Chairman Preston Midgett and Vice Chair Gerrie West were reelected to their positions for 2011.

In response to TPPC concerns over the draft Form-Based Zoning for the Resort Area, SGA Office Director Barry Frankenfield stated his Office might be ready to brief the TPPC in January. However, there is still work to be done on the draft, with one area being how it deals with parking issues. Also, in recent talks with the Navy, the City is trying to make clear what the draft does with lodging units versus residential units. AICUZ regulations look upon the two differently.

Despite concerns about air encroachments into the public right of way, the Plan/Design Review Committee (PDRC) endorsed Phase III of the Ocean Beach Club. The issue is that there would be overhangs from the proposed building extending beyond the property line. In addition, a law enforcement monument is in the works for 35th Street, done by the same sculptor that did the King Neptune statue at 31st Street. (Don't worry: it will be smaller.) The PDRC worked with how to make the pieces (i.e. Ocean Beach Club, monument, etc.) fit together well.

Neither the Resort Investment Committee, Green Committee, nor Communications Committee met this month.

The first meeting of the task force on Resort event food & beverage sales met on Wednesday morning, and the meeting went well. The Oceanfront Enhancement Committee (OEC) continues with the parking meters to raise funds for the homeless initiative. Roanoke, Norfolk, and Chesapeake have all inquired as to how we put our program together, as they may wish to follow suit.

Speaking of Chesapeake and Norfolk, both have pulled a page from our playbook and established Special Events offices. In fact, Chesapeake has hired one of our employees to run theirs, while Norfolk has interviewed a second member of our Staff. Finally, work is going on at the intersection of 32nd and Arctic to install brick pavers for the pedestrian crossing. It's being done later due to the original base the road was built on.

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