Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Fifth Meeting!

On Tuesday night the Envision Transportation Working Group held what was suppose to be it's final meeting. Only four were scheduled for the Working Group.

Now there is a move to hold a fifth meeting, with the request coming from (ahem) John Moss, Chairman of the extremist Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA). The VBTA wants to present a proposal for a follow-on transportation effort. Yeah, that's the same VBTA that has opposed each and every proposal to build new roads, while calling for the dismantling of mass transit. Given their track record, to reconvene for the primary purpose of hearing from them would be tantamount to entertaining an offer from a pedophile to provide security services for an elementary school.

The Envision Transportation initiative is partly funded by the City of Virginia Beach, to the tune of $63,000. The Working Group meets at the Municipal Center, in Building 19. Considering the source, any proposal originating from the VBTA would be DOA across the street at City Hall.

If the VBTA had something to bring to the table, they could have come to the fourth meeting. While Moss himself was in sick bay that night, certainly others from the VBTA could have brought the proposal in for discussion. Zero VBTAers were at the fourth meeting. In typical VBTA arrogance, they demand center stage for themselves at a fifth meeting, rather than being one among many at the fourth meeting.

Your tax dollars are funding this initiative. Speak up and make it clear there should be no fifth Working Group meeting. It would be a waste of resources.


Jessica Clark said...

If AND ONLY IF the vbta is willing to pay for the meeting (including all costs)

Yes, i know: Reid will Ride the Tide before they fund a 5th meeting (meaning fat chance for those who don't get it)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, John Moss was the one who stopped the Witchduck/Princess Anne project when he "represented" that area on council.

Now 10 years and millions more in tax dollars later, it is being built.

Amanda Jennings said...

Moss's Folly!!

Ride the 25 from Military Circle at 5:07 PM any weekday to see in in action.

Thanks John Moss!

Avenging Archangel said...


On the Outbound 25, "been there, done that."

I've been waiting for a candidate running against John to run an ad with an aerial photo of that intersection at rush hour.