Thursday, November 11, 2010

Envision Transportation Community Dialogue

As part of the Envision Transportation initiative, small meetings are being held where residents are asked their opinions on transportation. I myself went to the meeting two nights ago. The questions we're asked:

1. How do you travel now, to work, to school, to shop, to recreation, to church, where else? How would you like to be able to travel?

2. What about Virginia Beach is valuable to you that must be preserved, no matter what transportation decisions are made?

3. What principles should guide public decisions related to transportation and mobility?

4. Group: list transportation options/improvements desired.

5. Individual: if you had one dollar to divide across transportation options, how many cents to each mode?

I'm happy to report that our Tuesday night group's first reply to question #4 was an unanimous endorsement of light rail.

For those yet to participate, there are two remaining meetings. One will be November 17 at Central Library from 7-8:50 P.M., with the last on November 20 at the Bayside Special Services Library from 10:30 A.M. - Noon. To register for Central, call 385-0150; for Bayside, call 385-2680.

Envision Transportation is a collaborative effort between the Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement and the City of Virginia Beach. Results from the meetings will be presented to City Council and be available for public review.

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thesh00ter said...

i wish this group would come to Hampton