Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shore Drive Should Be 45 MPH

56% of voters believe Shore Drive's speed limit should be 45 mph, the previous speed limit. 38% support the current 35 mph, while 6% voted for "Other".

Personally, I agree on 45. First, you'll never traffic engineer well enough to keep late night bar hoppers totally safe. Second, there are a few bus routes in that corridor being impacted. Their schedules were written based on 45 mph traffic.

The new question: how should Virginia Beach Boulevard be configured at Town Center? Four traffic lanes each direction, or three traffic lanes plus parallel parking? It's based on Dan Burden's recommendation on the Walking Audit.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that even though the speed limit may be 35, most people don't know (or could care less) that Virginia Law states that pedestrians have the right-of-way

Anonymous said...

....right-of-way" IN a crosswalk WITH the light. Not knee-walking and jwalking.

maplestar said...

Nitpicking a bit here. But the bus schedule issue is irrelevant (in my opinion) to the question of what the Shore Dr speed limit should be. If a significant segment of a route had its speed limit lowered and HRT didn't adjust its schedules accordingly, then HRT isn't managing the route properly. (I know it's not a simple thing, given connections to other routes, etc., but it's their responsibility.)