Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010 UFL Championship Game On YouTube

If you haven't heard yet, Las Vegas won the 2010 UFL Championship game 23-20. The Locos blocked a Florida Tuskers field goal attempt on the final play of the game to seal the victory.

However, what was extraordinary today was how myself and many others watched the game. The game was shown live on the UFL's YouTube channel. It largely was the Versus broadcast of the game. However, viewers had their choice of five different camera angles. Viewers could send in comments and questions via Facebook and Twitter, and they were scrolled beneath the game picture. When Versus would go to a commercial break, the online broadcast went to a press box where HD Net's Ron Kruck hosted the interactive portion. Kruck replied to some of the comments and questions, and had UFL personalities in for interviews. One fan said the game should be dubbed the "Interactive Social Media Bowl".

Given the nature of the Internet, the audience was international. Viewers were asked to identify where they were watching from, and there were replies from Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Germany, Poland, and Canada. Don't worry: I got in my shout out from Virginia Beach, noting it's where the Virginia Destroyers will play.

Most interesting was Ron Kruck's interview with UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue. The UFL playing Sunday games in August - during what would be the NFL preseason - was talked about. However, with the possibility of the NFL having a lockout in 2011, Huyghue stated that the UFL would look to move it's later season games to Sunday to fill the void in the event of a NFL lockout. Be aware, Destroyers ticket holders.

I loved the webcast. If we have more of such to look forward to in the 21st Century, sports will be better off and more fun.

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