Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Don't Care

Our latest question was on the impact that Mayor Will Sessoms endorsements for the Virginia Beach City Council have on your vote. 53% say it has none, 40% say it backfires, and for 7% it makes it more likely they'll vote for the candidate.

The new question: what should be the speed limit on Shore Drive? It was 45 mph, then was lowered to 35 mph. Now there's talk the issue will be revisited.


Michael said...

Best thing I've seen in the Virginian-Pravda in a while:

"The three candidates who campaigned as skeptics of a Beach light rail project - Wally Erb, Toni Hedrick and John Moss - are picking up a slice of voters but are failing to get close to winning, suggesting the stance may not have deeply resonated with voters.

Moss, chairman of the Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance, and Erb, who unsuccessfully tried to get a light rail referendum question on the ballot this year, are both running in the at-large race. Hedrick challenged Wood."

Anonymous said...

Voters do care about Light Rail.
They Voted NO! Candidates don't win
or lose on one issue. Except for our ex-Mayor.(i.e. 31st Street)

People who build and buy on
property that faces a busy road
or highway, should not expect the
speed limit to change. Especially,
when most of the pedestrain and biker deaths, were caused by taking
unnecessary chances.

Yes, we should have more safe bike & pedestrain paths, but our City
leaders show little concern for
resident needs.

Cars aren't supposed to drive on
sidewalks, and people aren't supposed to walk into roadways, unless they are sure the path is

There are many homes on Great Neck
Road, and the speed limit is 45mph.
If you want to cross the road, either go to the stoplight, or drive across the road in your car.

Michael said...

Anon: then explain why pro Light Rail council members weren't tossed out and anti Light Rail challengers didn't win

Anonymous said...

Because they used the pool of "good
old boy" money to buy votes!

Because the "media", loves the
feeding frenzy, of candidates who
help keep their paper afloat, and
the paper's partner's, Cox & LNC.
Did the paper, endorse their "investors"?

Will "news" editors, be riding the
the light rail? Will their bookkeepers, be riding the light rail, to make their deposits?
And where will everyone be parking
their cars? Didn't many of us work
to buy cars, so we didn't have to
ride public transportation? Fix our
roads, and fix basic transportation

Many City employees, including
union members, were afraid to rock
the boat. (bite the hand that feeds

By the way, all candidates who said
they were anti-light rail, were not
great candidates. Council votes and
overspends, on many, many issues.
Some who were pro-light rail, also lost!

Michael said...

"And where will everyone be parking
their cars?"

I will be taking a bus from my house to the train station, then transferring to The Tide for my ride Downtown