Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hampton Roads Special Needs Registry

A website has been established to serve as a portal for our region's special needs population. In the opening phase, those with medical special needs (i.e. medically fragile, technologically dependent, high risk, etc) will be able to register in the databank. The purpose is to identify those with special needs in order that services can be delivered to them in case of a disaster.

The Federal grant to establish it simply covers those with medical special needs. However, there are plans for a second phase that would allow the social needs/at-risk population to register. That would cover those who speak limited English, are low-income and/or transit-dependent, pregnant women and those with newborn children, frail/older adults, etc.

The website is at The official launch of the site is October 28, but I managed to pull up the site a short time ago.

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