Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Will Sessoms Steps In It

While I didn't vote for Will Sessoms for Mayor, I've had high hopes for what might happen with him in the Mayor's Office. After all, we're finally moving forward again after four years of stagnation. However, the Mayor has made a major blunder with his list of endorsees for the November 2 election.

One huge problem: it's an all-White slate, even with a couple quality minority candidates (Andrew Jackson and Tanya Bullock) on the ballot. Next year is a City Redistricting year, where the minority communities - and others (including myself) - will probably push for reform of Virginia Beach's obscene at-large election system for City Council races. So if Sessoms blows off minority Council candidates in 2010, then eschews reform of the electoral system in 2011, what minority support would he expect to have for reelection in 2012? Will has painted himself into a corner.

Add to that Republican ire over Sessoms' endorsement of Jody Wagner for Lieutenant Governor in 2009, which is only inflamed by Sessoms choosing Barbara Henley for reelection against Tanya Bullock.

I've opined before (The V-P's Sessoms Puff Piece, 7/8/09) that Mayor Sessoms could have easily won reelection in 2012 by assembling a coalition of the business community, the Republican establishment, and the minority communities. Instead, he's now in self-destruct mode. If Sessoms believes business community money alone can win elections, ask Page Lea (2002), The Yes Campaign (2002), and Margaret Eure (2004).


thesh00ter said...

why does the Wikipedia article have him down as a republican?

Joel McDonald said...

Let's not forget that James Cabiness is also a minority candidate on this year's city council ballot!

Avenging Archangel said...


Sessoms is Republican-leaning (like most bankers), but (like many in the business community) will work both sides of the street.


Correct. However, with Andrew Jackson AAPAC's candidate in the At-Large field, Sessoms could have scored many more points with a Jackson endorsement than a Cabiness endorsement.

thesh00ter said...

so lets worst case scenario Sessoms doesn't get the re-election, what does that mean for light rail?

Anonymous said...

With his huge war chest and fairly broad-based support, Sessoms wins easily in 2012.

Avenging Archangel said...


It would probably slow the process down. The definitive answer would turn on who won.