Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shucet Holds Initial Session With Bloggers

On Monday morning new Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) CEO Phil Shucet held a roundtable session with bloggers. 5 of the 6 invitees were able to attend: Vivian Paige, Brian Kirwin of Bearing Drift, Eileen Levandoski of VB Dems, Archie Whitehill of Sparkling Diversity, and myself. It is hoped to be the beginning of a series of such sessions. Two ideas for subsequent meetings were discussed later: after the General Assembly session, and in June (after the cities have passed their budgets).

I'd give you a writeup, but Vivian actually did video of it. For those listening, I asked two questions: the one on budget tracking and the one on the "culture of fear".

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thesh00ter said...

a very intelligent, positive man.