Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phil Shucet To HRT

Okay, some of you are probably wondering about my opinion on Phil Shucet being named interim CEO at Hampton Roads Transit (HRT).

The bottom line here is that the TDCHR has now placed a much higher priority on light rail extensions than operating it's existing bus and ferry (don't forget Route 90!) network. Shucet is an engineer who has experience (as VDOT Commissioner) at contracting, construction projects, etc. Tackling the issues involved in light rail construction should be fairly easy for him.

What Shucet doesn't have experience at is mass transit operations. How much does he know about the issues involved in keeping HRT's buses rolling daily, planning new routes, etc.? Phil took office on Monday morning. Now imagine if our Winter storm had struck 84 hours later, on Tuesday morning. What does Shucet do? (At least by Monday morning HRT was back to "roll with caution" status.)

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Anonymous said...

HRT has essentially been without a leader since December. Shucet will bring much-needed organization.

The big question: does he have the authority to force Townes to work during his remaining few months before his "retirement?"