Thursday, February 4, 2010

70% Have Their Taxes Done Professionally

70% of you have professionals do your income taxes, while 30% do them yourselves.

Personally, since I started working at age 16, I've done my own income taxes every year but one. (I was in the hospital at tax time.) I've never found it difficult. I filed my taxes online, and received both my state and Federal refunds this past weekend.

The new question: what are the chances of Rita Sweet Bellitto being elected to a full term on the Virginia Beach City Council? On Tuesday Council appointed her to fill Ron Villanueva's vacant seat, which will be up for election in November. I offer the same four answers from the poll on the chances of Councilman/VBTA puppet Bill DeSteph getting reelected.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rita is smart, hard-working and competent. The complete opposite of DeSteph.

I predict a TON of money and support going to her between now and November. Add in a viable minority candidate in the at-large race and it's "Bye-Bye Bill!"