Friday, March 11, 2011

WAVY - TV On Cedar Grove And Late Buses

The video embedded below is a story run by WAVY-TV yesterday. While some of the statements in it are hyperbole, there's much truth in it.

First of all, don't send a reporter to do a story on Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) who doesn't know the difference between a Handi-Ride vehicle and a former Handi-Ride vehicle. Behind her was a former Handi-Ride vehicle now being used as an Operator's shuttle from the Ford plant. Actual Handi-Ride vehicles are painted with green and blue trim and have the Handi-Ride logo on them. (Moron!)

The one woman's comment that a late bus can cost you 3-4 hours is ridiculous. Actually, 29-59 minutes maximum.

However, I do love the emphasis on late buses. I've said before that late buses are the most frustrating thing about riding HRT. Part of the problem is that HRT's Dashboard measures late at 5 minutes, when a typical transfer center lineup is 3 minutes. That gives a better than actual picture of the problem. A bus 4 - 4 1/2 minutes late probably costs you a transfer, but the Dashboard counts it as on-time.

The Route 15 to Robert Hall is brought up. Yes, any HRT regular knows the 15 is chronically late at rush hour. However, the Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) proposed changes to the 15 to help...and not all the impacted cities signed off on them. (It's not HRT's fault.)

In the written story that accompanies the video on WAVY's website, Norfolk Vice Mayor Anthony Burfoot calls for the transfer center to be moved to Downtown Plaza, and to "include restrooms, a cafe, a newsstand and TV monitors." While Burfoot's heart is in the right place, that's overkill. Get us downtown, provide restrooms, and allow a variety of vendor carts and/or kiosks. It would be temporary until we get to the Harbor Park multimodal station.

One tip for them from an experienced rider (me): if it's important (such as work), go a bus early. You're covered in case of a missed transfer, bus breakdown, need to use the restroom, etc.

HRT riders frustrated with tardiness:


Anonymous said...

Dumb-A** doesn't know the #309 when it's staring her in the face!

Yes that lady bitches about the 15. I used to ride it ALL THE TIME. Yes it's late! Why? Military Hwy at certain times of the day is jammed with cars. Now, put a dedicated bus lane (AND ENFORCE IT*) in and you'd be fine. In the meantime, the 15 is going to continue to be stuck behind all that traffic.

* The SBS Bx15 (NYC MTA) has a dedicated bus lane, but people treat it as a parking lane or usage lane, thus making the Bx15 always late.

Michael said...

Correction: Bx12 is the SBS route

Anonymous said...

Oops, Thanks for that!