Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Thoughts February 22, 2011

1. What, if any, challenges do the Democrats mount for General Assembly seats in Virginia Beach this year?

2. If the new tourism tax rebate mechanism becomes law and is used for financing Dome site redevelopment, does The Virginian-Pravda Editorial Board oppose the project on those grounds?

3. Will the Virginia Destroyers actually play this season? If so, how long before the team realizes Sportsplex was a poor choice for home field?

4. How will this year's redistricting of the General Assembly, with additional seats going to Northern Virginia, change the transportation debate in the 2012 session?

5. Who else remembers Will Sessoms' original light rail position in his 2008 Mayoral campaign? He wanted to build it in two phases: Phase I from Newtown Road to Town Center, Phase II from Town Center to the Oceanfront. That was eclipsed by Bob Tata's bill, which bound the process together as a whole.

Should the Alternatives Analysis/Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (AA/SDEIS) come back a mixed bag, do we find ourselves dusting off that position?

6. If the Virginia Beach City Council rejects electoral reform (as expected) during this year's City redistricting process, how does that impact the 2012 Council elections?

7. Who imagined that the Arab nations domino game going on would ever happen? Starting in Tunisia?

8. Does it later strike in Saudi Arabia? If so, what's the outcome?

9. How much kicking and screaming from bus riders will there be over the Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) efficiencies report, due to be released at Thursday's TDCHR meeting? Will they remain quiet until it's too late?

10. Will HRT raise fares later in 2011 as a means of improving service further?

11. Will the extremist Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) grasp that light rail is their Moby Dick before it's too late?

12. With Tide launch delayed, what does Virginia Beach do with the saved mass transit funds from the postponement of service improvements on Routes 25 and 27?

13. What will it take to kick start Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in the Norfolk Southern Corridor? A Virginia Beach FFGA signing? Further down the line than that?


Anonymous said...

TOD is already underway in the corridor.SGA plans,Town Center, the Convention Ceter and soon to be built hotel. The snowball is well down the hill.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 8:23,

Plans and actual in-place TOD are two different things.

Granted, Town Center is. However, a sprawling convention center?

The only real TOD-looking development in the Resort Area is up in the Laskin Road Corridor.

Anonymous said...

9. What can you tell us about said report? HRT needs to post on web site so this bus rider (routes 12 and 36 mainly) can give feedback

Anonymous said...

Saved transit funds: let's put night service on the 33 so we can get home from City Council meetings

Avenging Archangel said...

It depends on the length of the report whether or not it can even fit on HRT's website.

I agree about the 33: I lobbied for it in my pre-Retreat submission to Council.

Anonymous said...

I'd read it, even if it was a 1,000 page pdf (I might be in the minority, but I care)

Anonymous said...

1. Depends on redistricting, but my money is on challenges for Stolle & Villanueva

2. The Pilot will support, Kerry will slam it

3. Great venue, lousy team and league structure. NFL strike will be the only thing to save it.

4. It would be nice if there really was a transportation debate rather than a hands-off approach!

5. Yep.

6. Big match-up: Desteph vs. Sessoms

7,8,9,10: No ideas

11: The VBTA's lack of foresight never ceases to amaze me.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 8:32,

I still think NSU's Dick Price Stadium would be a better venue: bigger and much better transportation.

DeSteph wants to run for Mayor? In a three-way Sessoms/Oberndorf/DeSteph race, I'm with Will despite my sharp differences on a few issues. Meyera was a big rumor in 2010, and she attended a few events she wouldn't have unless seriously considering it.