Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Good Samaritan

With yesterday's TPO meeting adjourning about 12:06 yesterday, I knew I had closely missed the previous Outbound Greenbrier 15, with the next Outbound 15 through the area being the one from Robert Hall at 12:18. I hurried towards a courtesy stop on Military Highway.

As I made the final yards at a quick pace, a car exiting the adjacent strip mall beeped it's horn at me. I thought it had to be someone who had just left the TPO meeting, recognized me, and was coming out from one of the drive-thrus of the two fast food restaurants there. I went to see who it was.

The lady was a complete stranger. She had seen me hurrying along, and offered me a ride to my next destination. I told her all she needed to do was get me to the next marked bus stop, but she insisted on taking me all the way. I was going to Norfolk's Janaf branch library, wanting to get in an Internet session before heading on to Hampton. (The Regional Building, Janaf, and the MAX bus to Hampton are all on Route 15.)

She took me there. Arriving, I thanked her and pulled out my wallet to give her some gas money. She told me, "That's not necessary, it's the holidays." I picked up my bag, got out, and walked into the library.

As depraved as today's society is, it's always wonderful to run into people like that.

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Hampton Roads said...

what a great story!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!