Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Turkeys!

On Tuesday the Chesapeake City Council passed 8-0 a Resolution asking for a light rail extension study for their study. The Virginian-Pravda has the story here:

There's the obvious story here: yet another city in the region jumps on board the train. 5 of the 7 cities are in some state of light rail planning or (in Norfolk) construction.

However, let me point out the more obscure story here. Many VBTAers (lef by Reid Greenmun) want Virginia Beach and Chesapeake to form their own separate Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The idea is to spilt the two cities off from Hampton Roads to form a separate region. (Virginia Beach alone doesn't meet the population threshold.) There they would build their "suburban utopia". Therefore, a light rail extension in Chesapeake is as much a threat to the VBTA's crack pipe dream as the Virginia Beach extension itself.

On a few different levels, way to go Chesapeake!


thesh00ter said...
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thesh00ter said...

i'm sure u would agree that with the majority of the 7 cities studying/considering/planning/building light rail (mouthful) that maybe this will be the boost that will get the GA to try to squeeze in a transportation fund mainly for the MSA's with the most need(emphasis on squeeze)