Thursday, May 21, 2009

UCAC May 20, 2009

The User Citizen Advisory Committee (UCAC) of Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) met on Wednesday evening at HRT headquarters in Hampton. The meeting lasted about 80 minutes.

Members were given answers to the questions they had submitted in their City Reports. The City Reports are written reports that UCAC members e-mail into HRT in advance of the meeting, raising questions and concerns with HRT Staff.

HRT Staff briefed members on the ongoing Comprehensive Operations Analysis (next public meetings slated for August), unlit bus numbers on the rear of buses, the UCAC Guidelines (In the process of being revised), and changes to the Peninsula Commuter Service (formerly Work Trips). In addition, UCAC members raised additional oral questions.


Jessica Blaine said...

Unlit bus numbers on the rear on buses?

Someone has too much time on their hands. Please explain.

Avenging Archangel said...

One UCAC member seems to think HRT's biggest problem is unlit route numbers on the back of buses. She's made a mountain out of the non-issue.