Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strategy? What strategy?

Today's Virginian-Pravda brings us the story of how the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NR&HA) is trying to diversify it's housing stock, in part to raise funds to help cover housing for the "extremely low income".

It's nice that Norfolk has a program to look after such needs. How about Virginia Beach? There are measures that can be taken without a R&HA to promote the construction of "extremely low income" units. Virginia Beach recently enacted a program for Workforce Housing, but that only covers those making $35,000 or more. Lacking adequate housing units and mass transit. where is Virginia Beach's blue collar labor going to come from in the future?

One thing is certain: if Will Sessoms is elected Mayor next November, the "extremely low income" will be written out of City policy altogether. I can't say much more for a couple of the incumbents, either.

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