Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bob O'Connor: Municipal Clown

Bob O'Connor is the former Chairman of the Citizens Action Coalition, an anti-tax activist...and an embarrasment. He regularly attends Informal Sessions of the Virginia Beach City Council, meetings of the Resort Advisory Commission, and City Council Retreats. Saturday morning was no exception, as he showed up for Day 1 of the 2007 City Council Retreat.

In late morning the Council discussion turned to Light Rail. Bob was infuriated. He went to the back of the room, crossed his arms, and angrily puffed out his cheeks. Within twenty minutes he had stormed out of the Retreat, not coming back for the rest of it. ROFL! Typical Deaniac: he believes we can't even discuss light rail.

The funniest part: on Sunday (Day 2) City Council fudged on what transit system to put down the Norfolk Southern Right-of-Way. O'Connor had missed over 75% over nothing.

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