Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The City Responds

In my home neighborhood, we've had problems with overflow parking from Knuckleheads Roadhouse (410 N. Witchduck Road). Nice establishment, but on very busy nights, their customers will park on Weaver Drive. Weaver has had no on-street parking since I moved to the neighborhood in 2003. The problem is that the minimal signage probably isn't clear to most bar patrons. Weaver is a narrow, curvy street that is the only access road for two apartment complexes.

After some e-mail traffic, I'm happy to report that the crown jewel to solving our problem is in the pipes. About lunchtime yesterday I received an e-mail from the Mayor's Office informing me that improved "No Parking" signage for Weaver Drive will be installed "in 3-4 weeks". There will be a large "No Parking" sign on each side of Weaver near the entrance, making it clear that there's no on-street parking. (If bar patrons still try to, it would make it much easier for 3rd Precinct to enforce.)

A long term component is probably to punch a second entrance in, either through the backdoor to Northridge, or out to Witchduck (adjacent to Ebbets Plaza.) However, with roads funds scarce, I'm not about to hold my breath on that one.

To look at the big picture here, the lesson to be learned is that you can get things done working the system. You simply need to address your issue in a detailed manner to the right people, being clear and concise in explaining the problem and your position.

Update (August 17): I noticed this afternoon that the new signage is up, early at that.

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